Sincere groom speeches

We all know a Best Man's job to make everybody laugh. But a groom's job, when it comes to the speech, is to pass on your sincere thanks to everybody on behalf of you and your new bride. These example speeches give voice to your sincere side, whether expressing your love for your new bride or your gratitude to your loving parents, without ever being over-sentimental. And don't worry - there's a laugh or two in there too.

The Parent-Praising Groom

(A concise speech covering the essentials. It's complimentary to the parents on both sides, as well as to the bride herself (naturally).)

Did you ask the bride's father for his daughter's hand in marriage? Have her parents been supportive (emotionally and/or financially) with the wedding? Have your own parents set a great example for you? This speech pays sincere homage to all the parents without being too sickly-sweet. Of course, the bride isn't forgotten either. Basically, everyone will love you.

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Good evening Family and Friends, I'm making this speech today and I have a significant handicap at my wife’s insistence - I'm mostly sober.

The Comical, Concise Groom

(A speech for a groom who can hold a microphone in one hand, and have an audience eating out the palm of the other.)

The groom in this speech reels out lines that are sharp, self-deprecating, and audience-winning. He breezes through the thank yous, making them light-hearted but flattering, and he doesn't miss anyone out. Everything is covered here, yet it's not a rambling monologue. This'll leave them wanting more.

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Organising a major event like today is actually very easy. You simply sit back and everything seems to just happen. I started out by asking the odd question like “How Much?!” and put forward the occasional point such as “We could have afforded a wing of Buckingham Palace for that!” My help wasn't required much after that.

The Groom With An Intimate Wedding

(A short, humble and earnest speech from a groom who (along with his bride) has opted for a small gathering of people to celebrate with.)

Is your wedding going to be an intimate affair? This speech will work for you. There's humour here, but it's very subtle. Rather than bringing down the house with laughs, the groom expresses himself sincerely to those who mean most to him (and his bride). Whoever gets to hear this speech will feel very special indeed.

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Thank you for coming! This is a beautifully intimate gathering of friends, and we hope you are pleased to be among the select few we chose to share our special day with.

The Groom Who Undervalues Himself

(Another touching speech that thanks all the appropriate people, and also has a tasty sprinkling of self-deprecation from the groom.)

Self-deprecating humour is a savvy way of getting the audience on your side. This speech does just that, although not to the point of being a Woody Allen monologue. The groom isn't the only target of humour here; the bride and best man get a delicate ribbing too. Don't forget to thank whoever is behind putting your wedding together. Looking ahead to a blissful future is a classy way of bringing your speech to a close.

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Ladies and gentlemen, when I saw Linda in that wedding dress I was absolutely speechless. Since then, fortunately, I've managed to cobble something together [hold up speech] so here it is now.

The Sincere, Effusive Groom

(A speech in which the groom doesn't hold back in telling people what this marriage means to him. In a good way.)

With luck, you'll only ever make one groom speech in your life. If you want to tell people just how happy you feel, now's the time. This speech acknowledges the friends and family who have helped you become the man you are today. The bride receives the most compliments, as is only right. In this particular speech, the bride is a teacher.

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When it came to finding a bride, I couldn’t have been luckier. Linda is an incredible person, a wonderful companion and I know she’ll make a fantastic wife. There are so many benefits to having a teacher for a wife. Not only does Linda know how to deal with my tantrums, I'm also very close to knowing my eight times table by heart.

The Groom who Honours A Deceased Relative

(A speech that pays tribute to a beloved one who has passed away, without bringing the mood down.)

Do you have somebody who would have loved to be at your wedding, but recently passed away? The groom speech provides an appropriate moment to pay tribute. Be careful that the entire speech doesn't revolve around this topic (it's a wedding after all). It's also important not to end on a sombre note. Make mention of the deceased relative early doors, or two thirds down – not right at the end of the speech.

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At this point I’d like to take a moment to mention my father Ray, who sadly is no longer with us. Of course, on a day like this I miss his wisdom and his wit. I also remember how fond he was of Linda. So, wherever he is, I know he’s very proud right now. May I propose a toast to absent friends.

The Groom Marrying A Bride Who has Been Married Before

(A concise, sentimental speech that's forthcoming about the fact this is the bride's second marriage.)

If your bride has been married before, there's no reason why this has to be off-limits for your speech. In this example, the groom tactfully remarks about the bride's previous marriage, and even references the difficulties of it. Before going ahead with a speech like this, check the bride is comfortable with what you're going to say. Oh, and never get personal about the ex-husband; that's just asking for trouble!

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Some of you will know that this is Linda's second marriage. I feel especially proud today, because despite the previous difficulties of her first marriage, she decided to try it again with me.

The Sincere (But Not Too Sincere) Groom

(A sincere and sentimental speech that acknowledges how important this occasion is for yourself and your new wife. The occasional gag keeps things light.)

It's the groom's special day too! Your speech is the ideal moment to articulate what all this means to you. This example does just that, in a sophisticated and heartfelt manner, remembering to thank all the necessary people. Throwing in the odd joke ensures you don't send everyone to sleep in the process.

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Weddings are the perfect excuse for a big party, and I'm so glad you could all make it to ours today. We have a lot of people here – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends… and a handful of people I recognize.

The Groom Who Holds His Parents In High Esteem

(A groom speech that turns on the charm for both sets of parents, noting their success in bringing their respective children up, and in making this wedding happen.)

If your parents and parents-in-law have been supportive of your relationship and helped with the wedding planning, it's nice to pay extended tribute to them in the groom speech. This example points out all the things you're grateful for, and with any luck, will bring a tear to the audience's eye. The speech is dotted with a few gags, so things don't become too syrupy.

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I'm confident that Linda and I have all the qualities needed to build a strong and successful marriage. We both share the same love, courage and determination to overcome any obstacle. We also share the same warped sense of humour. Hence marrying each other.

The Sincere And Sentimental Groom

(A sincere speech from the groom, thanking everyone who has put in the effort to make this special occasion happen.)

This speech is crammed with thank yous – parents, best man and bridesmaids all get the groom's nod of approval. Rather than just reeling out a list though, this speech is injected with humour, and effortlessly segues from person to person. You're better at writing speeches than you thought!

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Now I have a new set of parents. Ladies and gentlemen, I have in-laws! Contrary to the horror stories though, mine are amazing. I suppose they had to be – look at the incredible daughter they raised!

The Groom Who Has Been Married Before

(A short, tactful speech that references the fact that the groom (and perhaps also the bride) have been in previous marriages.)

Making a groom speech for the second time can be a potentially tricky gig. While you don't have to ignore the fact that you (and/or your bride) were married before, you need to be a bit careful. Be aware of who's present, and don't say anything liable to upset anyone. Most importantly, focus on the wedding that's happening now, and the joy it's going to bring.

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Your married life depends little, if at all, on fate – it depends on you. Our marriage will be what we make it, and we know this only too well having both been in this position before. That makes this occasion doubly special. No one goes into a second marriage looking through rose-tinted glasses. Yet we both know we can make one another very, very happy.

The Groom who Remembers A Deceased Relative

(A speech that pays tribute to a beloved one who has passed away, without being too heavy-going.)

A wedding can be an extremely poignant moment if a beloved member of the family is no longer alive to see it. This is most certainly the case if the deceased is a parent. In this example, tribute is paid to the father of the groom. Note that even though there is reflection and poignancy in the speech, there are laughs too. This is a day for joy and laughter, after all.

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The only thing that could have made me happier today would have been if my dad Roy was here. I know he would have been so proud of me, and so happy for Linda. I like to think he's up there somewhere smiling down on us all.

The Groom Who Has Already Started A Family With The Bride

(A condensed speech that speaks warmly of the groom's family. It also makes sure to mention all the key wedding players.)

This isn't the 18th century any more, and there are plenty of newlyweds who have already made a start on creating a family. This groom's speech here doesn't just express love for the bride – it expresses how the marriage is bringing the whole family together. The bullet point thank yous are a great tool for a groom worried he's going to miss someone out.

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This wedding is not just about Linda and me. It’s about us and our kids becoming one big happy family. Today would not be the same without their blessing. Fortunately, the kids said “I do” as well!