Concise groom speeches

In the long history of weddings, no one has ever complained that the groom's speech was too short! On the other hand, if a groom doesn't cover the necessary bases, and say the necessary thank yous, there are liable to be fireworks (the bad kind). The example groom speeches here show you how to include all the right content, without droning on for half a lifetime.

The Concise, Inclusive Groom

(A short but sweet speech that thanks all the necessary people in an economical way. Well, you don't want to bore your audience to tears, do you?)

As groom, it's your responsibility to thank a multitude of people, including the best man, bridesmaids, both sets of parents, and often others too. You're also expected to wax lyrical about the bride. This speech pays tribute in a way that's economical, funny, and never too gushing.

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I would like to give a gift to both of our mums. Tradition says we should present flowers, but Linda and I wanted you to have something more permanent. All we need to know from you two is where exactly you want the tattoos.

The Thankful, No-Nonsense Groom

(A simple bullet-pointed speech that lists all the necessary people to thank. Perfect for a straightforward, forgetful groom!)

Want to make sure everyone who is due a thank you gets one? This straightforward, list-style speech covers all the necessary name-checking (though don't forget to change the names to apply to your own wedding!) Note how the thank yous are sandwiched between sentimental prose. That ensures you're not just reading a list out.

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Good afternoon everyone. I've got a long list of people who I want to thank here. If you're not on it, you'll be tapped on the shoulder and asked to leave before the disco starts.

The Groom Who Uses Bullet Points

(An easy-to-follow speech that uses bullet points for people to thank. For a groom who's worried he'll miss someone out.)

Are you the shy, retiring type, who wants to get the speech over and done with? This example is one for you to consider. It's condensed as much as it can be. It also uses bullet points to list all the people you need to thank. Breaking up the speech like this can be really helpful for a nervous speaker. And as long as you stick to the bullet points, you won't miss anyone out!

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I am especially grateful to Jason for his excellent 'Best Man-ing'. He is my oldest friend and I am convinced that without his advice and guidance while we were growing up, I would have been half the man I am today. Half the man, and twice as popular.

A Minimal Speech For An Apprehensive Groom

(A speech that's been boiled down to the bare bones. Ideal for a nervous speaker who wants to get it over and done with.)

Petrified about delivering your groom speech? The bad news is you're expected to do it. The good news is you can make it a short and painless experience. The example here shows just how short a groom speech can be, while still covering the essentials. In a minute or two, it'll all be over. Then you can get back to your champagne.

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I hope you're all having as wonderful a day as I am. However, every silver lining has a cloud, and you now have to listen to me! That said, I'm not one to drone on for hours, and I think you'll find this speech refreshingly short. (Best man), take note!

A Minimal Speech For An Apprehensive Groom #2

(Another speech that's been whittled down. Ideal for a jittery groom who wants to get back to his wine asap.)

Lots of people have an acute fear of public speaking. Especially if you're out of practice, it can be a nerve-racking affair. This example demonstrates the shortest length of speech you can get away with. It opens with a gag to relax both groom and audience. Then it goes on to thank everyone who needs thanking. Make sure you read this one slowly!

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Ladies and gentleman, I won't take up too much of your time with this speech. I did one of those same-day discount deals with Moss Bros, and this suit has to be back in 20 minutes.

A Minimal Speech For An Apprehensive Groom #3

(A very short speech for a very nervous groom. It ticks all the boxes, but does so succinctly. Over in a minute or two.)

If you don't relish the spotlight, you don't have to stay in it for long. The example here is from a groom who has opted to keep his speech as short and sweet as possible. Parents, best man, bridesmaids and bride all get their dues. The speech is injected with one or two jokes along the way.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to keep this speech short and sweet. After all, now that I'm married to Linda, I need to get used to not getting a word in edgeways.

A Minimal Speech For An Apprehensive Groom #4

(A speech with a low word count, but jam-packed with gratitude and sentimentality. For nervous grooms.)

Not looking forward to making your speech? It doesn't have to be an Oscar acceptance you know! This example is a distilled version of longer groom speeches. It's still witty, it expresses emotions, and it acknowledges people. Everything's still in there, there's just less of it. This speech will be done and dusted in no time.

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I will keep this brief as the Best Man's speech is still to come. Apparently it's so epic, Penguin Classic have expressed an interest.