Sentimental Father Of The Bride Speeches

The safest approach you can take is to turn up with a speech that tugs on people's heartstrings harder than that second helping of gateaux and double cream. Sure, there is room for the odd cutesy one-liner, but by sentimentally reminiscing about fond family memories you can evoke emotion from even the sternest character. These finely crafted summaries of the foibles of friends and family segue neatly from one sweet tale to the next, demonstrating exactly how to link up tightly-scripted anecdotes in a short and snappy fashion.

Pride for the Bride

(Keep the focus of your speech aimed towards your daughter and her husband, nobody should be stealing her limelight on her big day.)

As this is very much a family occasion you may feel obliged to mention every single relative who’s bothered to turn up, like you’re a blubbing Oscar winner scared of offending those you leave out. This is the Bride and Groom’s big day, so obviously thank close family for helping, but mention anyone else in passing unless they have a huge amount of relevance to your point. You’ll have plenty of chances to eulogise about your other children at their own weddings / funerals / court cases, focus on your little girl’s big day and give equal praise to that man she quite likes.

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It’s customary for the bride's father to flaunt his wisdom about marriage by publicly passing on advice to his newly acquired son in-law, but obviously the most delicate pointers will be saved for later to be discussed between only me, you and a glass of Scotch. What I can tell you now though Paul, is you’ve got to establish yourself early. Put your foot down, if you know what I mean. Take a leaf out of my book, for I am the master in my own house. I run everything: the parties, the holidays, the errands, the kids to school, and my mouth off when I shouldn’t, sorry dear.

A Combination Of Sentiment And Schtick

(Kind words and friendly banter with the groom will relax everyone and keep spirits high.)

Nobody wants half an hour of soppy stories and rose-tinted memories, especially so soon after the pudding as you’ll bore everyone to sleep! Punctuate the sentiment with enough frivolity to keep people entertained. That way, they will forgive you when you start blubbing about how you’ll miss your precious little girl.

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When I first met Paul, I instantly thought: here is a responsible, upstanding young man. He treated me with respect, asked me for permission, and over a fine bottle of scotch told me how he adored my daughter. What a gentlemen… or so I thought. It turns out that he got his ‘How to suck up to your father-in-law’ checklist from the same website I found the ‘How to give your future son-in-law grief’ list. Luckily for Paul, any worries I had were alleviated by the addition of more scotch.

Positive Praise

(This example demonstrates how the words you use and the tone you take can influence how well your speech goes down.)

Language is a key part of any piece of writing, and the tone you take can make or break your speech. Use positive words and upbeat anecdotes to keep the audience grinning like Cheshire Cats on crack. If you’re a little reserved then take an overly enthusiastic tone throughout the speech and pepper it with things like “What a beautiful sight she is” and “I’m so happy to be here”.

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By his own admission, since he started going out with my daughter, Paul has really started to go places. It was ‘to the bar’ when he first met her, ‘to get on his bike’ when he grew a moustache, ‘to the florists’ when he forgot Valentines Day, and, of course, when he proposed… to my house to get permission. And we were delighted to give it!

A Speech with Sentiment

(Sincerity is a must in every father’s wedding speech, and this piece has plenty of it.)

A father who is generous with his compliments is always going to be a hit when it comes to the speech. Don’t be afraid to go down this route and keep the jokes light, but don’t rule out jokes entirely, as a speech without amusement will bore the pants off people. That’s the vicar’s job. To bore people, not take their pants off.

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Linda, it's clear to everyone who knows you that Paul is your perfect match. You complement each other’s personalities wonderfully and I’m certain this will make for a blissfully happy marriage that lasts forever. However… (PAUSE), ooh now you’re all worried! Ahem... however, if the impossible happens and this lovely gentleman ever says something to you that can be interpreted in two different ways, and one of the ways makes you angry, he meant the other one.

A Proud Dad Gushes About His Daughter

(Keeping the anecdotes light and the humour warm, this speech aims for praise with a sprinkling of humour.)

If your daughter has the potential to be easily offended and you wish to avoid the wrath of Bridezilla, play it safe with a soft, complimentary speech and amusing playful anecdotes. This piece keeps the banter cheery, the jibes light-hearted and sets the tone for a proud father to shower his daughter with praise.

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It is customary in my speech to welcome the groom into our family. Now the necessary paperwork is complete, and the possibility for take-backsies has passed, I am happy to welcome Paul formally into the clan. My wife and I have been cultivating this thing for 22 years, and I am proud to say we have fostered a wonderful, supportive and loving environment, which I am certain will be all the more enhanced for your inclusion. Especially now there’s one more bloke on my side.

An Elegant Epithet

(A formal speech for those who prefer elegance and emotion over amusing anecdotes.)

The old adage about joke telling says “It’s the way you tell ‘em”, and this is never truer than at a wedding. You have a broad audience to amuse, and if delivery isn’t your forte then don’t force the issue. A sincere and complimentary speech will go down better than a pallid, stale affair that tries to force laughs like a man desperate for ketchup squeezing the last ounce from a bottle. Stick to what you’re good at.

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This morning we bore witness to an incredibly moving ceremony in a beautifully decorated church, where Paul and Linda committed themselves to each other for all time. That was part one of this wedding. Part two is taking place right here and now. This is the part where friends and family celebrate this union, eat tiny quiches, drink too much and dance like giddy teenagers, but not before adding your seal of approval to those pledges made in church. So you are all under strict instructions to be good, and then enjoy yourselves.

No Impostors, Impose Yourself

(Don’t just read words off a piece of paper, bring your own character to life and embellish the speech with some spirit.)

With your wife and daughter taking a firm hold of wedding plans, you’re unlikely to have much input in the day beyond the bills and your speech. You can either waste your one-liners on the bank managers whilst pleading for an extension to your overdraft, or you can impose your character on the day with a speech full of personality and wit. Our templates provide a fantastic framework for you to fit in your own quips and anecdotes into a tried and tested routine that has been proven to work. If you didn’t get a say on what kind of booze they served, then serve up some hot steaming portions of wit and emotion for the wedding day guests.

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A very good evening to you all. For those of you who don't know, seated over there wearing the ravishing blue outfit is my wife and Linda’s mother, Carol. We have been married now for 27 years, and happily married for nigh on 25. The unhappy years weren’t consecutive mind, I’ve simply totted up all the arguments we’ve had and worked out a percentage. Looking at my wife’s face now, it needs to be adjusted for inflation.

Heartfelt Delight That Entertains And Compliments

(A piece full of pride that demonstrates how to blend personal memories with common references that everyone can relate to.)

Conveying the joy of a loving father can come across as sickly sweet, yet this speech combines personal feelings with jocular references to keep everyone entertained. The happy couple are showered with compliments and inoffensive jibes. The piece rounds off with a nice line that is partly good advice, but mostly a friendly warning of what is in store for the groom!

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I realise that, no matter how old she is, she will always be my little girl. I’m proud of her and I love her very much indeed. It comforts me to know my daughter is in such safe hands. In Paul, Linda has found a great lad and a worthy husband. I wish you both a wonderful life together and hope you have a fantastic honeymoon… which, Paul, you will find is the one blissful period between ‘I do’ and ‘You’d better.’ So make the most of it.

Family Oriented Speech For A Quiet Bride

(A sincere and heart-warming speech that focuses on family, feelings and the future for the happy couple.)

If you want to score serious brownie points, this complimentary and optimistic speech is perfect for a father who wants to see warm smiles rather than laughs. With short, occasional jokes to break things up, it covers compliments, bringing families together and the couple’s rosy future… not forgetting some important thankyous (to ensure you avoid a slap later on)!

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Standing here now, I feel incredibly old. It seems like only yesterday that Linda was born, and I never thought that I’d ever be as happy as I was then. I was right – it’s all been downhill! I jest of course, because seeing my daughter look as happy and as radiant as she does today makes me happier than I ever thought possible.

Telling Tales

(Everyone loves a good yarn, but don’t drone on forever and lose your audience’s goodwill.)

If you’re a natural storyteller with a penchant for the dramatic, then this speech is a great example of how to weave in some research and interesting titbits without turning your audience’s brain into mush. Less is always more, but don’t be afraid of giving everyone what they want if you’re known for your gift of the gab. If the bride and groom do nothing but watch X Factor and go for nice walks then a few historical references can fill that gap and provide a source of material for observational humour.

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I got married in 1974. It was the year of the three-day week; the year that disposable plastic razors were invented. And it was the year Manchester United were relegated (wait for cheers). I was working 25 hours a day, eight nights a week down a mine, in an office. I had an electric shaver and Carol and I were setting up home together, so all of those significant events somehow passed me by. Two years later the US space shuttle prototype 'Enterprise' flies for the first time. Red Rum wins the Grand National for the 3rd time. And Elvis Presley collapses in a bathroom for the last time. Which is quite a coincidence really, because Linda was born that year and took up Elvis’ mantle with gusto, collapsing regularly in bathrooms from the age of 18 to the present day.

Sentiment Over Silliness

(Thoughtful compliments go down just as well as jokes; bear that in mind when forming your speech.)

Biting one-liners aren’t to everyone’s tastes, and this speech keeps the humour light but not entirely absent. Everyone expects one or two light-hearted jokes at the very least, but if comic timing isn’t your forte, stick to what you know. Drop in the odd humorous story to compliment your heartfelt sincerity and leave the willy jokes to the Best Man!

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I remember seeing Linda for the first time, barely a minute old, having myself spent the first 60 seconds of her life unconscious. Since missing that first minute, I’ve made sure I wasn’t absent for a single other, and it isn’t hard to see why. I know all brides are radiant on their wedding day, but Linda shines this brightly every single day. There are some people who, without having spoken a word, emanate goodness from every pore, and Linda is one of those people.

Simple Sensible Sentiment

(If you can’t be a comedian then become a poet. Not everyone can pull off a comic routine, so follow this guide to deliver a more thoughtful piece.)

Some people are born serious and if they cracked a smile their face would fall off. If this is you then don’t try and make jokes; it’ll be more awkward than Nick Griffin at a Wu Tang Clan concert. Play to your strengths but add a bit of pizzazz with a few beautifully-crafted lines about the bride and groom. Some people will be inevitably bored to tears by your soppy sod routine, but if you’re eloquent enough you just might pull it off. If you mess it up though, your wife’s anger will ensure you’re pulling it off for quite some time.

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Thank you all for coming. Any occasion where one can be joined by their closest family and friends is an occasion to behold. And one where we are so fortunate as to be welcoming new friends and family members... well, that is surely the most joyous thing we could ask for. (Put fingers in mouth and pretend to be sick).