Lighthearted Father Of The Bride Speeches

Not every speech at a wedding needs to have the audience falling over themselves with laughter. Choose your tone wisely, as a speech too full of mirth may detract from the happy couple's big day. A Father-of-the-Bride speech is your chance to gush about how great the Bride and Groom are and sling in the odd dad joke, not a platform for your failed ambition to be a stand-up comic. Here we dole out huge sugary dollops of praise to the couple, the parents and any cute children who just stood there and threw petals about the place, and you'll be guaranteed many a firm handshake on your outstandingly touching speech.

Don’t Forget Your Wife!

(A loving tribute to all members of the clan from a true family man.)

If you want an evening of wild passion that rivals any wedding night, give 'her indoors' a nice mention in the wedding speech. Mothers are often overlooked at weddings as their preparation tends to involve everything in the run-up, but very little on the actual day. Remind everyone of her contribution and you’ll be in for some 'gratitude' later on. Don’t over-do it though; it’s your daughter’s day after all.

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It seems only five minutes since our daughter was born, and being a modern attentive husband I was present at the birth. I remember it well: we had a very short-sighted midwife. Just after the birth she picked Linda up and said ‘Ohhhh doesn’t she look like her father’, not realising she was holding Linda upside down with her arse in the air.

Snappy and Sweet

(If you’re good friends with the groom then use this speech to play it up, and see the audience melt at your genuine enthusiasm.)

The best speeches are inclusive, and this piece hits the ball right out of the park. Keep your audience’s attention by mentioning both sides of the family when reminiscing. It’s always good to hear when a father is so enamoured by his daughter’s choice, especially as this will give you a bit of extra room for ribbing! If only you could make extra room for pudding somehow.

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I would like to thank those of you here who have helped and provided support to the happy couple, as you’ve all contributed to make today possible. I’d like to especially thank the ladies for doing the bulk of the work, because let’s face it; men are mere innocent bystanders once the inevitable wedding hurricane comes to town. One of the earliest traits human males developed after we evolved from apes was to recognise danger, and of course that skill is what stops us from asking questions like “How much?”, “Can we have sausage rolls?”, and “Are you really wearing that?”.

A Dry Roasting

(If a more understated humour suits your style, this piece demonstrates how to craft dry wit into a speech that remains thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable.)

This style of speech works best with a classy, deadpan delivery, not a Jack-the-lad style piece full of crude jokes and so called 'banter'. This contains a couple of genuinely funny pieces where the humour is derived from the relationship between the father of the bride and whoever he’s ribbing next. Our example shows a closeness between the father and the groom, demonstrating how humorous observations become believable and therefore funnier in skilled hands. Save the knob jokes for the best man (and maybe the bride when she’s had a few).

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Over the years Paul’s done a number of things to try and win my favour. I’m a right-winger, so Paul joined the Tories. I support United, so Paul bought a season ticket. And today it’s gone a step further – he’s even copying how I dress. But the best thing he could ever imitate is the love I have for my daughter. That and maybe splitting the bill for this shindig.

A Friendly, Welcoming Speech Full Of Optimism

(A great speech to bring together both families with a set of charming, upbeat anecdotes.)

The key to keeping attention is to make sure your speech is inclusive; if you focus only on your family, the groom’s relatives are likely to catch a few winks behind the overly elaborate serviettes while you babble on. Keep the anecdotes upbeat and the outlook sunny – and if you want to insult anyone, make sure it’s only you!

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One of Linda’s endearing qualities is her ability to drink a lot, talk even more (which she gets from her mother) and get along with anyone. There are people here she met at work, at university, at school and even some people she’s known since she was six years old. Today’s turnout is testament to Linda’s ability to make and keep friends, I’m certain the free buffet and bar had nothing to do with it.

Student Sweethearts

(A heartfelt piece joking about where the happy couple met; in this case it was at University.)

This is a fantastic example of how a dad can make his speech relevant and inclusive of both families by discussing how the couple met. It gives you room to switch effortlessly from soppy emotion to zingy one-liners and leaves you in no danger of losing the audience’s interest. If you want some real dirt on the couple’s early life though, get the gossip from their uni mates! Just brace yourself beforehand.

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Today, I am the proudest man in the whole world. Seeing our daughter looking so happy and radiant is a truly amazing experience, but it is tinged with a little sadness. For those who know me well, being generous does not come naturally to me, so I was aghast when I realised I had to give her away. I actually asked the vicar what I’d get in return, it turns out I’ll receive a wonderful son-in-law, as well as eternal salvation! I also got him to throw in a box of communion wafers – I'm quid's in!

A Bride’s Story

(A great example of how to deliver sharp, silly lines at the end of some wholesome and thoughtful praise.)

Be careful not to rattle off stories one after the other with no through line; link up anecdotes about the bride’s hobbies, personality and habits into a narrative of her life. Once you’ve set up all the emotional stuff, this is where you can air your grievances about the make-up on the mirror, the £800 phone bills and the weird looking boyfriends; just hook them all in with some sweetness first.

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Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Paul and Linda's wedding reception. So without further ado... I thought I'd get that in early as it makes everyone think it’s time for cake. No cake until the old man’s stopped rambling, that’s the deal you all signed up for!

Well Aimed Barbs And Meaningful Thoughts

(A few sharp and sassy comments always go down well, especially in the context of a thoroughly charming speech.)

The best speeches have you teary-eyed through laughter and pride, and this one does just that. Taking aim at friends and family is a great way to get people laughing at themselves, but remember this isn’t a lads night out! Rein it in with some classy lines about how suited the groom is for your daughter… and save the ribbing for later!

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I’d like to warn my newly anointed son-in-law that there are two things vitally important to the success of a marriage – wisdom and honesty. The latter is important, because no matter what happens, no matter the consequences, if you have given your word you must stick to it. And the secret to wisdom? Simple. Never give your word.

Soft and Sentimental

(A gentle script that shows the structure necessary for a pleasant, well-received speech.)

You don’t have to necessarily have them rolling in the aisles with a father of the bride speech. Save that for when the free bar opens. This example demonstrates how to take a soft approach to humour with some broad jokes that always end with a kind remark. If you ever criticise the bride, even with your tongue firmly in your cheek, you’d better qualify it with a compliment. Unless you want a fist to follow that tongue of yours.

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Of course, everyone has faults, even our lovely Linda. Be careful Paul, as occasionally she is a little economical with the truth – like when she told me it wasn’t going to be a grand wedding. 20 grand, more like!

Character Comedy

(The best source of humour is the genuine everyday stuff that families go through. Draw on these stories for the most hearty of laughs.)

Amusing anecdotes are all well and good, but the best ones refer to the character flaws which define us all. If your daughter is a lazy cow and your son-in-law a skinflint then say so! Everyone’s thinking it anyway, so just make sure you keep it light. If one of them is a serial sex pest, you can probably leave that out. Keep everything reasonably wedding themed and make sure you link your speech together. This isn’t a Jimmy Carr routine where you’re just throwing jokes at the audience like a safari park chimp flinging faeces at a Ford Fiesta. You need to craft them into a piece that seamlessly weaves topics together, then hit them with a line more surprising than Jimmy’s tax bill.

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As someone who has lived with Linda, I have some more advice for my new son-in-law. Paul, always treat Linda tenderly and with respect, as otherwise she’ll proceed to tenderise you with respect to your face. Never forget to listen to her opinions because she will test you on them. Value her contribution to your marriage, because you can be damn well sure she’s keeping count! Never forget that she hates olives on her pizza, or anywhere for that matter; it’s not pizza specific. Remember that she loves coffee in the morning, just wake her before you give it her. And she can’t stand watching Match of the Day, so prepare a chair for her in the kitchen. And above all – and I speak from bitter experience – never, ever beat her to the phone when it rings... unless it’s your mistress.

Amusing Anecdotes and Fatherly Advice

(Weave in some eye-opening stories about the bride’s childhood that will entertain and enlighten.)

This speech shows you how to structure the use of anecdotes to set up jokes, eye-opening revelations and moments of genuine warmth. Nostalgia works best when used to illustrate the more amusing characteristics of the bride and groom, and here the Father adds advice on how to deal with his daughter’s proclivity towards emotional blackmail.

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I would like to thank all of you for coming tonight and sharing this special occasion with Linda and Paul. They say that it takes two to make a marriage work... well, from the amount of work involved today, two hundred would’ve had their hands full!

Recalling A Rebellious Teenager

(Perfect for a father of the bride whose unconventional daughter only introduced the groom recently.)

If you haven’t known the groom for very long then a few barbs about this will go down well, and this speech offers room to add friendly anecdotes about him too. A bride who was a rebellious teen always provides fertile ground for a joke or two, and the comparison with today’s meticulous and well-manicured lady offers scope for some good-natured ribbing.

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Paul, I have only actually known you for a few weeks and with that unfamiliarity naturally comes trepidation. However, knowing that Linda had said yes was enough for me. And besides, if you did have any faults she’d have sent you back by now – she always keeps receipts. Indeed, I am convinced that I’ll be proven correct, because if the guests here today are any indication of his worth, Paul should prove to be an excellent husband for my daughter. Excluding table five.