Father of the bride

speech templates

Even if your kids weren't planned, your speech at their weddings definitely should be. Nothing's worse than some rambling old bloke telling young-uns how it used to be and what horrors they have to look forward to. Simply choose your preferred style and then use our expertly tailored father of the bride speeches to draft a piece that balances humour and sentiment perfectly. Learn the tried and trusted way to get away with unflattering insights, by sugar coating them in layers upon layers of syrupy sweet compliments.

Formal approach

Welcome the groom's parents, other relations, friends and distinguished guests (examples).

Thank particular people by name for their help (examples).

Comment favourably on the bride's appearance (examples), praise her past achievements (examples) and thank her for her part in family life (examples).

Welcome the groom into the bride's family (examples) with words of praise for his character (examples).

To end, offer sincere advice to the happy couple (examples) and wish them well for the future (examples).

Less formal approach

Light-heartedly break the ice and set an amusing tone for your speech (examples).

Say what a wonderful occasion it's been (examples) and tell a story about events leading up to the big day (examples).

Say how proud you are of your daughter (examples) and provide a humorous insight into her pre-wedding years (examples).

Congratulate the groom on his good fortune (examples) and express your happiness in getting to know him and his family (examples).

Declare your confidence in the happy couple's future together (examples) and offer some entertaining thoughts (examples) or advice (examples) about what makes a successful marriage.

Thank everyone for coming (examples) and explain what's going to happen next - is there a disco (examples), will the bride and groom be departing on their honeymoon (examples)?

End with a light-hearted (examples) or sincere (examples) toast to the happy couple.

Basing the speech around the newlyweds' romance & future

Thank all the guests for coming and anyone involved in the planning and organisation (examples).

Comment on how happy the bride and groom are looking (examples).

Offer up your version of the bride and groom's romance, providing details about the way the couple met (examples), why they are so well suited and what they see in each other (examples).

Recount an amusing episode involving their relationship (examples) and express your confidence in the happy couple's future together (examples).

End with a comical thought about love and marriage (examples) and propose a heartfelt toast to the newly weds (examples).

Basing the speech around your own emotion and sentiments

Speak of the pleasure this day brings you (examples), even though you've had to pay for it (examples).

Disclose your feelings about giving your daughter away (examples) and the daunting prospect of having to make this speech (examples).

Describe the special relationship you have with your daughter (examples) and the immense happiness she has brought into your life (examples).

Explain your thoughts and feelings when you first met the groom (examples) and your immediate reaction to the news of their engagement (examples).

Offer some wisdom based on your personal experience of marriage (examples) and end by wishing the bride and groom a healthy and happy future (examples).

Basing the speech around the bride

Thank everyone for coming to celebrate your daughter's special day (examples).

Say how beautiful she looks (examples) and how proud you are (examples).

Praise her and talk of her attributes (interests, career, qualifications, etc.) (examples).

Stress the happiness you've experienced in raising her (examples) and bring to light some amusing character traits or quirks she may have (examples).

Describe the close relationship you have with your daughter (examples) and express your love for her (examples).

Comment on the fine choice she made for a husband (examples) and warn him what he's let himself in for (examples).

Wish the newly weds success and happiness (examples) and propose a toast in their honour (examples).