(Wedding) Breakfast of Champions

You might be forgiven for thinking that the wedding that's looming in your diary and taking up all of your time right now is the only significant event on this year's calendar. It can certainly feel that way. But, of course, beyond the snow-white walls of the marquee, the world keeps on turning…

Already this years, we've had Her Majesty's 90th, the European Cup Finals, and - dare I say it? - Brexit. And just around the corner is the biggest sporting event of this or any year; the Olympic Games.

So, what does any of this have to do with your Best Man's speech duties? Well, in other articles we've discussed how theming your speech around a specific topic or hobby can be a great way to hang your speech together, and make it memorable and funny. The same goes for big news stories or sporting events. In fact, the bigger they are, the more people there will be in the room who 'get the joke'. And with an event as huge and iconic as the Olympics, you're on a surefire winner.

As with any themed approach, it's important that you don't overdo things and stretch your metaphor to breaking point. But with a few well-placed Olympic gags and comments peppering your speech, you'll have the crowd queueing up to pin a medal on you after you step down from the mic. You can be cheeky, heart-warming, or whatever tone works for you.

Here are a few lines to get you off the blocks and running...

  1. It seems appropriate that Karen and I would get married in an Olympic year. After all, I've been carrying a torch for her since the moment we met.

  1. I've been preparing for today like an Olympic athlete. That doesn't mean I'm stuffed to the eyeballs with 'performance enhancing drugs', it means I am on focussed on his marriage with the determination and passion of a world class sportsman.

Here's one for a best man...

  1. A new wife is like an Olympic stadium; shiny and sleek, with 'velodrome' curves and crowds of admirers. But beware! Once the initial excitement has passed, it's up to you, Brian, to keep things fresh and fun. Otherwise you'll only have yourself to blame if she ends up hosting boozy corporate parties, or worse still, full of West Ham fans!

Here's an interesting way to turn your traditional thank yous into an Olympic ceremony:

  1. As this is an Olympic wedding, let's hand out some medals, shall we? Gold to the bride, of course, for her charm and beauty. Silver to the bridesmaids, who'd take first place in any other line-up. Bronze for all of you in the room, who understand that it's taking part that counts today. And a special prize to the father of the bride, for all the brass he's shelled out!

And finally, tug at their heart strings with this line and, like the front row of spectators at the high dive event, there won't be a dry eye in the house:

Here's one for a father of the bride...

  1. A good marriage needs a dose of Olympic spirit. It's a marathon, not a sprint - a relay, not a solo race. Think of everything you do together as training for the next stage. Revel in your moments of glory. Take inspiration from the heroes who've gone before. And remember, whoever we are, we all reach highest, go furthest and achieve most when our hopes, dreams and goals are shared with the person we love.