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  1. As I know Paulís a bit of a fitness fanatic Iím going to describe marriage in terms that heíll understand. The secret to a long and fruitful partnership between husband and wife is much like going to the gym. If you think you can get results by just turning up to pound it once a month, youíre going to fail. But over-do it and youíll end up bored and a little sore. Most people donít even try, but those that do know that you have to shake things up occasionally and try new routines. Youíve got to commit to one, ease yourself into it, and build yourself up over time. And whatever you do donít be tempted to try out that fancy new place with nice equipment and a huge set of yoga balls, because youíll end up pulling a muscle all by yourself.

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  2. Married life isnít just all bickering and making up, itís about improving yourself and each other gradually along the way, and noticing when one of you needs help with something. For example last week Jennie had been shouting me for dinner for ten minutes, I hadnít heard a thing, and it turns out my hearing is going. Without my loving wife Iíd never have known. Then just yesterday I had to make an optometristís appointment because my poor Jennie made out that her vision was going. At least, I think thatís what she meant when she told me she was seeing other men.

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