Father of the bride videos

Every dad wants to get it right on his little girl's big day, so why not take inspiration from these blokes who've been there, done it, and got tears of laughter on the t-shirt. See how the audience reacted to some finely crafted speeches in action.

Till death us do part

28 April 2016

Marriage, they say, is til death do us part… Murder them on day one, and you’ll be out in twenty-five years! It’s an old joke that’s seen more weddings than a florist, and there’s a hint of darkness that probably makes it more appropriate for the bar than the top table. This Father of the Bride, treads similar but safer ground, playing on the inevitable ups and downs of married life in a way that is both endearingly silly and hilariously incongruous to the happy occasion. Positive proof that Dad jokes are a true transatlantic phenomenon.