Recently added groom speech material

To keep our groom speech content offering current and relevant, we add new material to the site every day. Here's a selection of this month's new lines, now added to our ever-evolving speech content database.

(A sample of the new lines we've added in May)

  1. [Your romance and relationship / Amusing relationship insights]

    When I proposed to Linda I got down on my knees and said, ‘I’m not rich like Simon and I don’t have a Ferrari like Gareth … but I love you and I want to marry you.’ And Linda replied, ‘I love you too, Paul, now tell me again … which one has the sports car, Simon or Gareth?’

  2. [Revealing the amusing side of your bride / Gently poke fun in the bride's direction]

    To my in-laws, thank you for raising such a wonderful woman and for entrusting her to my care. If I have one compliant I think you over educated her. She knows everything.

  3. [Tongue-in-cheek compliments / Ethical]

    Ethics are top of the agenda for Linda, and at every step she has tried to ensure that this wedding is an ethical one, from the sourcing of the food and drink, right through to the materials used in her dress. This ethical stance will continue beyond today too. Linda has decided to half our carbon footprint and do the honeymoon on her own.

  4. [Amusing wedding day observations / Winter wedding]

    Now everyone, I'm aware that it's a particularly cold winter's day for a wedding, but don't worry... if anyone is feeling a chill running down their spine it's probably because you've just married me

  5. [Opening lines / Nervous about the speech]

    I don’t relish public speaking. In fact the very thought of it provokes an uneasy sensation, which I can compare only to the first disagreeable feelings which usually precede a fit of sea-sickness.

  6. [Tongue-in-cheek compliments / Honest]

    The main thing I love about my new wife Linda is she’s pure and honest. She will never pull a fast one with you. Which is annoying, as sometimes that’s all I’m after.

  7. [Self-deprecating humour / Been together a long time]

    When I told everyone Linda and I were finally getting married everyone asked why so long? It's because I finally realised I'm no longer a catch.

  8. [Closing lines and toasts / Your thoughts on being married]

    Several times I said I’d never marry, because I could never be satisfied with any woman stupid enough to have me.

  9. [Revealing the amusing side of your bride / Gently poke fun in the bride's direction]

    I’ve married a woman of principle. She’s not the kind who just talks ethics, that’s why the food here today is ethically sourced and the wedding invites are recycled (for those of you whose invites say ‘Dave and Linda’ just ignore it). Linda did mutter about having an alcohol free wedding. However, we decided against it, as we wanted people to come.

  10. [Closing lines and toasts / Hand over to best man]

    Before I hand over to Jason let me first say that he is a very talented man. He’s a gifted musician, a clever business man, a deep thinker and a sensitive, caring one-woman man. Jason is so talented he can fake all of that.