Concise Bride Speeches

If you're not keen on making a speech, or if the blokes have covered everything, you might want to say a few words just to make your voice heard. However, brevity doesn't mean you can't say something of note. A short sharp speech with a warm heart and a sprinkling of merriment can really add icing to the cake, and get everyone eating that cake even quicker!

Two For One

(Give praise to a groom who takes on your previous children, but you donít have to take it too seriously!)

A man who is willing to help raise anotherís child is obviously to be respected, but that doesnít mean you canít have a little fun in covering what can be an awkward subject. Steer clear of any mentions of the childís father that are a little too negativeÖespecially if youíve lost your mind and invited him along! Lightening things up here will take the pressure off the crowd who will certainly be curiousÖthe nosy sods.

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And I want to thank Paul for becoming my husband. He knows everything about me and loves me just the same. Now everyone knows that with the circumstances this marriage involves taking on a lot of mess, sleepless nights, temper tantrums and the occasional bedwetting Ö but Iím willing to look past Paulís faults seeing as heís taking on a step-son too.

Every Step Counts

(A partnerís children should always be included in your wedding day speech as a nod to your growing family.)

Weddings are a lot like schools, theyíd run much smoother without children. Alas, those little bundles of joy just keep on living, and eating, and making things sticky. When one or both parties have kids entering the equation then itís necessary to give them a mention in the speech. Instead of making everything revolve around you and your husband, make the theme one of two families coming together.

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This day wouldnít have happened without the blessing of our children, and I am thankful for their kindness and encouragement which has allowed our relationship to blossom. When I got with Paul I chose him for who he was and those who depended on him. If you have a child you have to love them, but with PaulsÖI chose to, because of the people theyíve grown to become.

A Slight Discrepancy

(So your partner has been married alreadyÖdonít let any negative feelings about this spoil your speech.)

If your partner has already been married then you may be tempted to play the role of the fire-breathing dragon at any mention of his ex. For many this may be a role that comes all too naturally, but on this day of happiness you need to put out those fires and come across as dignifiedÖeven if she is a useless waste of skin. Be gracious and try to see the positives in the situation.

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For me this is a first marriage and a time of expectation and hope. For Paul it is a second marriage, so god knows what heís thinking! However I can feel especially proud today, because Paul liked me so much that despite all the difficulties of his first marriage, when he met me he decided heíd give it another shot.

Anyone For Seconds?

(When marrying for the second time you may decide to mention what everyone else is already thinking.)

If both of you have been married before itís up to you to decide if you want to mention it or not. Itís important to keep things positive about the experiences youíve both had, even if you wish your exís a lifetime of agony and bad hair days. Either make light of the situation or just talk about the lessons youíve both learnt. Unless that lesson is ďDonít marry a tosserĒ. Youíre the only one who didnít know that!

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How fortunate we are to have found yet another chance at happiness together, with a better understanding than most of what makes a successful marriage. I am confident that we will now receive the joy we deserve, and if not, then at least we have a load of awesome presents out of it.

For The ĎRents

(Toasting your parents is a really classy way to show your appreciation for their help with a wedding.)

Itís your parents who usually foot the bill for the big day, and your husbandís will likely do a great deal of organisation, whether you want them to or not! Thanking them last and proposing a toast to the old folks is a lovely gesture of gratitude for their efforts. Youíll have plenty of people toasting your union, so set aside some of the love for the people who brought you into this world.

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And last but by no means least, Iíd like to thank our parents for their massive contribution Ė without their generosity and hard work today would not have gone nearly as well as it has. They were reserved till last because I wanted to propose a toast to them. Please would you raise your glasses to my mum and dad, Alan and Carol, and my new in-laws, Ray and Sally!

Thank The In-Laws

(By thanking your partnerís parents and vice versa you can significantly reduce the amount of speaking time.)

Thanking both sets of parents in individual speeches is both laborious and a sure-fire way to take the fun out of the party. A simple solution is for the Groom to thank your parents whilst you thank his. This united front works well and ensures you can both cover everyone efficiently without making Grandpa fall asleep in his soupÖagain.

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Iíd like to propose a toast to the most wonderful man in the world, my new husband, Paul. Iíd also like to thank his parents for what they have contributed over the years to make him the person that he is and also for making me such a welcome member of their family.

Everyone Likes Toast

(Short and sweet, this brief toast goes well at the end of your Groomís longer speech.)

A full speech isnít always necessary. This piece is more of a toast than a speech, and can serve to round off your husbandís groom speech quite nicely. However just because itís short that doesnít mean it canít be funny!

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Good evening everyone. Thank you for coming here today to watch Paul agree to a lifetime's worth of housework and pampering! He may think ďah, Iíll just sit back and let her deal with it.Ē Which is fine, if he can also deal with getting his golf clubs piece by piece in the mail.

An Addendum

(Not keen on making a speech? This simple piece covers everything in about thirty seconds sharp.)

When your husbandís done a good and hit all the necessary targets, you may feel your speech is something of a formality. If youíre not keen on standing and talking to a room full of relatives, strangers and relatives of strangers, then simply use our ultra-short template as an addendum to your husbandís speech. By tacking it on directly at the end both speeches come across as one package.

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I would be here all night long if I individually listed everything you have all done for us. So, I just wanted to say a big ĎThank Youí to everyone and that I appreciate all your individual help and lending your talents to make our day so special.

Bish Bash Bosh

(Not a big talker? Donít fret. A short speech is fine as long as you get it right.)

If the men have covered all the necessary platitudes and booze jokes then all you need to do is quickly tick off all the people who need a mention. This ultra-short speech gets the job done so quickly youíll swear itís been taking lessons from your husband. The best part about having such a short speech is people underestimate it, and a well-timed joke can have a huge effect.

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To my in-laws Ray and Sally, thank you for giving me such a warm welcome into your family and for raising such a perfect son. And to Lucy and Karen, thanks for being the best bridesmaids a bride could have hoped for. But most of all, my thanks go to Paul for taking me on. I will try to be a worthy ruler Ė I mean wife.

A Short Goodbye

(The emotion of the day can make it tough to talk about a deceased relative. If so, keep it brief.)

Some absences are too tough to bear, so talking about a departed loved one at length may be a little difficult for some. If youíre feeling a little raw then a swift but elegant mention of the deceased is enough. Nobody will mind, in fact a short piece said with conviction is much better than a rambling epitaph.

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My only regret is that my father could not be here to see it all. He knew and liked Paul, and I know it was his fondest wish that the two of us get married. Iíd like to dedicate this day to his memory, and to say an enormous thank you to him and my mother for all the love and kindness they showed to me while I was growing up.

Sombre Smiles

(If a dearly departed loved-one had a bit of character, revisit their memory appropriately and get people smiling.)

When someoneís absence hovers over a speech it can be difficult to lift the sense of doom and gloom on your big day. But by tapping into the spirit of the person involved you can actually enhance your speech. And by this I donít mean drinking half a bottle of vodka, nor do I recommend you visit a medium. Simply recall their nature, whether jovial, tight-fisted or daft, and add a humorous remark that lets everyone remember them as they were.

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At this point Iíd like to take a moment to mention my father Alan, who sadly is no longer with us. On a day like this I miss his wisdom and his wit. As you all know he wasnít one for standing on ceremony, so I dread to think what heíd have said when the vicar asked people to hold their piece! I also remember how fond he was of Paul. So wherever he is I know heís very proud right now. Iíd wish to honour him with this toast: to my father Alan, who we remember with love and pride.

In Memoriam

(If a member of close family has recently passed, ending your speech with their memory is a touch of class.)

Weddings are always an emotional occasion, none more so than when a relative has died shortly before the ceremony. Unless your fatherís a real cheapskate and lobbed in a funeral with your wedding, and letís not give him any ideas, youíll want to say some kind words at the end. This ensures the speech isnít overshadowed, and the fallen kin are given a nice toast at the end.

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I couldnít possibly finish this speech without mentioning Paulís mother. Sally was a wonderful person, wife and mother. Although we miss her presence, and her unfailing kindness and good humour, we know that she was looking forward to this wedding and we have fulfilled her hopes and wishes, and in a sense she is with us here today in our memories. May I propose a toast to absent friends and family.

Jokes Aside

(The placement of a joke can really determine the effectiveness of a genuine piece of praise.)

Everyone expects you to go through a list of pleasantries in your speech, you may also want to throw in a few jokes. Be careful though, jokes at the end of a sincere piece of praise can often undermine the sentiment within. If youíre talking about your husband and want to say something heartfelt, donít end it with a gag about his waistline. Put these jokes at the beginning, so hopefully heíll forget!

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Lastly, my thanks go to the man who captured my heart several years ago. I had no idea such a wonderful combination of qualities could exist in one person until I met my husband. Paul, not only are you everything I ever wanted, you also give me some things I never knew existed. Thank you.

A Momentís Reflection

(If you canít think of the right words to remember someone, ask the audience to form their own memories of the departed.)

This may seem like a little bit of a cheat, and it is in a way but if youíre struggling with the right words then who cares! Not everyone can put together a beautiful eulogy to describe an absent loved one, even with the help of our templates, so consider the approach of this speech. Asking the audience to reflect for a brief moment on their own memories of the deceased is a classy and effective way to ensure they are remembered both accurately and respectfully. Unless youíre all drunk. Then get ready for some tears!

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We will always remember this day, and, from time to time, reminisce about all of you who are here in a way photographs and Daveís dodgy camera work can only touch upon. My only regret is that my father isnít here to enjoy it, but Iím sure he is looking down on us smiling, pint in hand. Perhaps we can help him to be with us in two ways: first by a quiet moment to remember all the happy times, and then by continuing with this celebration just as he would have wished.