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  1. Convert your ideas into fun and engaging words.
  2. Show you how to organise your material for maximum impact.
  3. Provide an immediate speech solution if you've left it to the last minute.
  4. Show you how to make your points with wit and humour.
  5. Help you avoid the pitfalls and clichés which commonly plague groom speeches.
  6. With hundreds of scenarios, themes and topic categories to choose from, you'll find the exact read-made words to build your speech.
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How can help me?

Ready-made content

Whatever your groom speech requirements, whether it's a humorous opener, an attention-grabbing anecdote or a traditional toast... we instantly provide the words on screen to make you look good.

Templates, ideas & complete samples

We've got loads of templates and ideas for pulling your material together into a seamless finished speech. Our pre-written groom speeches represent a wide range of styles and cover every conceivable topic, so there's something for everyone.

Guidance from start to finish

We present advice, ideas and examples along every step of the way, from your opening gambit to your closing toast. We'll keep you within the conventional norms of a groom speech, whilst giving you everything you'll need to create a mold-breaking masterpiece.

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Why is the best

Largest source of groom speech material boasts the world's most comprehensive database of ready-made groom speech content. It includes over 5,000 gags, one-liners, toasts and pre-written sentiments created specifically for the groom.

Fresh innovative content

We create up-to-the-minute jokes and one-liners to ensure your groom speech will be one of a kind.

Diverse writing team

The goal of our award-winning writing team is to provide quality witty content that will connect you quickly to your audience.

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