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  1. Turn your thoughts and ideas into engaging wedding speech words.
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Database of bride speech material

You can build your own bride speech from start to finish by searching our content library for the best fitting lines.

Complete samples and templates

As well as having access to ready-to-use material, you'll see just how the pieces fit together through our templates and examples.

Pointers and advice

Guidance is offered on every section of the speech and you'll have access to the ever-expanding Bride Speech One-liners Hall of Fame.

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Largest source of content

We offer thousands of speech content options created specifically for bride's to be.

Daily content updates

We are always adding new and unique bride speech material to the website, which will allow you to create a finished product that is truly one of a kind.

Diverse content offering

Our aim is to offer something for every bride-to-be, from touching tributes to humorous expressions of gratitude, no topic or tone is ignored.

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