Content & Ideas For Wedding Speeches

Take a hint from the professionals

You get what you pay for.

If you are writing a wedding speech, it's tempting to reach out online and look for free samples or speeches to supplement your ideas. Few of us are experienced speechwriters, and it is perfectly normal to want some support. Relying on free content, however, is just likely to result in a speech full of old chestnuts and clichés, which is unlikely to win you any friends amongst your audience, and may lead to your speech being memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Think about it. The professional speaker or showman (a magician, perhaps) may have a particular speech or set of jokes/illusions that he uses while on tour. Once that year's tour is over, however, that's it; the same tour doesn't come out year after year, as the illusions and jokes have hit the mainstream by then and are no longer as entertaining. Well, wedding speeches are the same; if you rely on free content, you are simply re-using lines and jokes that became mainstream years ago, which will win you no fans, and make it quite obvious to the audience that you have just looked online for free content.

On the other hand, the online database is constantly being added to and refreshed. Content remains in the database for a maximum of a year before being revamped, with the old chestnuts being given a modern twist and completely new lines and jokes being added on a daily basis. The chances of you using a line from that your audience has already heard is tiny, thanks to the constant turnover of new content. You get what you pay for when it comes to wedding speech ideas, and paying for access to constantly updated and refreshed content will bear great dividends when it comes to crafting a well-received speech.