Content & Ideas For Wedding Speeches

Problems with free samples

Free samples aren't relevant and will expose a lack of preparation.

If you find that you are struggling with crafting a good wedding speech, the temptation to go online and get some free examples of other speeches is sometimes too much to resist. Do try, however, to overcome the temptation.

Whilst finding a free speech online might be a tempting idea, the content of any such speech or sample supplied free on the web is more than likely to be poor. A mass-produced speech won't be applicable to your specific audience, and is likely to sound false to their ears. Much of the content is likely to be bland, non-specific stories which lack any sort of beginning, middle and end, and is there merely to fill time and space, so it will be obvious to your audience that you have been given a fifteen minute speech for free.

A tale such as: "When Amanda first met Greg, she was taken aback that he was a little shorter than her, but over time she has got more used to it", is likely to fall flat, for example, given the lack of a punch line and its overall dreariness. How is this anecdote entertaining to anyone, even the Bride and Groom themselves?

Taking the same tale and turning it into something more bespoke, such as: "Now, it's obvious to all that there is a slight height difference between our Bride and Groom today. Of course, I'd like to say it's because Greg has always put Amanda on a pedestal, but I don't think Amanda would agree! With his vows today, Greg has promised to spend his life looking up at his better half - although, are those a pair of Cuban heels I spot hiding under the table?", is far more likely to win you some laughs and gain the attention of your audience.