Content & Ideas For Wedding Speeches

Danger of free speeches

Avoid free speech material at all costs - no pun intended.

If you are struggling to write a wedding speech, be it for your own wedding or a Best Man or parent's speech, then it can be very tempting to go online in search of free wedding speeches to learn from, or copy. The internet, after all, is littered with such free material, so why not use it?

As soon as you open your mouth, however, the audience will be well aware what you have done. Any free speech is likely to contain a number of hackneyed clichés, with which anyone who has been to a wedding before will already be familiar. Knowingly throwing in the odd old chestnut to amuse the audience, with a nod and a wink, is one thing; presenting a speech full of them because you downloaded it free from the internet is another. No-one wants their speech to sound as if it came off a bland production line with jokes unchanged for many a year, and content from a free site is likely to do just that. If no-one is paying for them to update and refresh their content, why would they?

If you do need help with your speech - which is entirely normal and understandable, given that writing a wedding speech is a rarity in our lives, and few of us are talented natural speechwriters - then it's better to consider paying for access to high quality speech material. The content on sits behind a pay wall and, because it's paid for, the business has a constant incentive to ensure that all the content is fresh, entertaining and new, to ensure that paying customers get the quality they expect. In this way, you get some help with your speech but it will still sound interesting, unique and tailored to your event, rather than recycled, tired and repetitive.