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Don't be a wedding speech cliché

WeddingSpeechBuilder offers so much content the chances of repetition are virtually nonexistent.

How many times have you been to a wedding and heard an opening line to a speech something along the lines of:

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm so pleased to see so many of you here, especially as you knew I would be speaking."

Probably several times, and there are a number of other, hackneyed gags that crop up time and time again in the average wedding speech. Why? It's because these jokes, and many other old staples, are found in a number of wedding speech books that you can buy at most bookshops.

To look for help and inspiration when writing a wedding speech is, of course, normal and to be expected. Most of us don't write speeches very often, and it's helpful to get some tips on what usually goes down well, and of course what to avoid. Using a book, however, is likely to result in a repetitive speech full of old chestnuts that your audience will have heard time and time again, and weren't particularly amused by the first time. Once the book is printed, it could be on the shelves for years, with the lines in it getting more and more clichéd as time goes by.

What is more useful to those looking to write a fresh and entertaining wedding speech, is an online repository of interesting, amusing and relevant lines that is constantly updated, so that anything you use from it would be new and engaging for your audience. provides that database; refreshed daily, the chances of you using a line that your audience have heard before is minimal, and the constant updating keeps it topical. There is no need to rely on books that may have been printed last century when you can access a database of content that was updated last night.