Content & Ideas For Wedding Speeches

Importance of using humour in wedding speeches

Entertain while making your point.

The best wedding speeches should be memorable, cleverly written, brief - and funny. In a mixed wedding crowd it can be difficult to get the humour exactly right, but most speakers do want to get the balance right and will work painstakingly on their speeches until they get them down pat. While this is admirable, it can result in a stilted, over-rehearsed performance. Always remember that, unlike other avenues of public speaking, the wedding speaker will know many, if not all, of those present and the guests are all there for the same reason, to celebrate the marriage of two people they know and love.

A friendly audience, all ready for a good time, are likely to forgive the odd stumble or mistake if they see the speech is coming from the heart of the speaker. In a nutshell, if ever a speech should not be over-rehearsed it is the wedding speech. Most wedding speakers like to inject some humour into the proceedings and a short, funny anecdote from the best man, directed at the groom, can be hilarious and a great ice-breaker between families.

Whether you are the father of the bride, the groom or the best man, in your capacity as speaker, you will want the bride and groom, and their guests, to remember your speech for years to come. In that case it is probably better to write an original, funny story about a real happening, rather than doing a stand-up joke which runs the risk of having been heard before, or is not considered funny by the whole company. The funny story works best because there is a genuine rapport which will be felt by the guests and, while not everyone can tell a joke, everyone can relate a funny story, especially if they are telling it about themselves as one of the main protagonists.