Content & Ideas For Wedding Speeches

Storytelling in wedding speeches

Only include one story. Keep it brief. Bend the truth to make it funny.

Storytelling is an art and like all art can be cultivated, although if it is an inherent talent for the raconteur, so much the better. The successful wedding story should be sentimental without being sad, funny without being offensive, realistic without being verbatim and contain enough small exaggerations to add to the humour.

The successful wedding storyteller therefore is the one who selects the right story. Remember that what might be hilarious at the rugby club may fall flat as a pancake on the mixed generations of wedding guests. Once the story has been selected, write it out as it actually happened and read it back, does it sound amusing or are there some amendments that can be made to add humour? A good way to explain away the comedy additions to your story is to say that 'the names have been changed to protect the guilty'.

If your story is told against either the bride or groom, please make sure it is done so gently and so good-naturedly that no one can take offence. Weddings are highly charged days and emotions are likely to be riding high by speech time, so bear that in mind when selecting a suitable story.

Whatever story is finally chosen, make sure that it is only one story, otherwise you may get involved in going off at tangents and totally confusing both yourself and your audience. Bear in mind too that the best wedding speeches are those that leave the listeners wanting more, not less.

Try to make eye contact with the happy couple as you tell your tale so that they know, and the guests know too, that it is all in the spirit of fun.